Today’s reading is Joshua 11-12.

Why would God have Israel hamstring the horses and burn the chariots? This was a ready made cavalry for Israel who had come out of Egypt on foot. That would be like telling an army of modern militia to destroy a battalion of tanks they captured. Who would do that? People who trust in God, that’s who. What a great lesson. The horses and chariots hadn’t helped Israel’s enemies in the fight against Yahweh, why would Israel need them as long as Yahweh was fighting on their side. Remember that. We don’t need horses, chariots, tanks, or anything else when Yahweh is on our side.

Tomorrow’s reading is Joshua 13-14.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you picked up on Joshua’s thoroughness in obeying the Lord. “He left nothing undone of all that the Lord had commanded Moses.” May we never neglect the commands of the Lord, but always strive to do all He has asked of us. He will strengthen us and give us the victory. Let us simply step up and do what He says…always.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media