Today’s reading is Joshua 7-8.

For a moment, Joshua questions God like the wilderness wandering Jews: “Why have you brought this people over the Jordan at all…?” But God responds, “Why have you fallen on your face?” And I learn from this. Too often I stumble to sin and then I’m tempted to cry out, “God, when are you going to take care of this? You said You’d set me free?” God says, “Edwin, what are you whining about? Get up, excise the sin in your camp and get back to work. We’re going to win this victory, but not if you waste all your time whining about the failures.” Today, instead of whining, let’s cut off the sin and get back to work. When we step up, God will provide the victory we can’t.

Tomorrow’s reading is Joshua 9-10.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, setbacks in our struggle against sin will happen. As Israel was striving to conquer the Promised Land, they met a setback at Ai. It threw Joshua and the Israelites into confusion. It threatened to derail their entire conquest. Don’t let that happen to you. When the setback happens, step back, figure out where you plan was flawed, clean it up, and keep relying on God. Victory is coming if you let your falls lead to growth instead of to total failure.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media