Today’s reading is Joshua 5-6.

Can you imagine what it must have been like when Joshua came to his commanders and said, “Alright guys, here’s the battle plan. We’re going to march around the city 13 times.” “Is that before or after we build a battering ram and set up siege works?” “No, no, we’re not going do any of that. We’re just going to march around the city for a week. And then we’re going to yell really, really loud.” “You want us to do what?” And yet, they marched for 7 days, 13 times around the city and the walls came tumbling down. The city was conquered. God’s way works. Sometimes God’s instructions seem odd to us, but follow them and you’ll get God’s results.

Tomorrow’s reading is Joshua 7-8.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, do you want to see an example of faith? Look at Rahab. Do you remember from chapter 2 that Rahab’s house was actually built into the wall. Further, she was told for her family to be saved, they had to stay in the house that was in the wall. What must it have been like to live in the wall when Israel shouted and the wall came tumbling down? It didn’t just take faith for her to hide the spies and tie the cord in her window. It took faith to stay inside a house in the wall when the wall came tumbling down. But she did and she was saved. No matter where you are or what is going on, when you are following God’s directions it is safer. Remember that.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media