Today’s reading is Joshua 3-4.

Have you ever noticed how important water is in the Bible story? The world was born through water. The world was reborn through water. Israel was born through water. And here Israel is born again through water. It is no surprise then to find out God’s children today are born again through water. Baptism is so powerful because it is the opportunity not only to surrender to Jesus Christ but it is an invitation to be part of God’s story from beginning to end. Have you been born through water?

Tomorrows’s reading is Joshua 5-6.

A Word for Our Kids

Did you see the memorial Israel set up at the side of the Jordan and the purpose for it? Israel set up 12 stones when they crossed the Jordan for the express purpose that when their children saw it, they would ask what it was for and learn about their heritage with God. Please learn from that. When you see or hear something whether in the Bible, in your parents worship, in the congregation that puzzles you, ask about it. I promise you, one of the reasons God put it there was so you could ask and learn. Don’t be afraid, your parents want to pass that on to you. What is something you want to ask about today? Go ahead and ask it.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media