Today’s reading is 1 Timothy 4-5.

Where is your hope? Is it set on getting a good job, having a good marriage, raising great kids, being healthy, being wealthy? Is it set on receiving good grades, buying a nice house, driving a fast car, building your savings account, having an easy retirement? Or is it set on the living God? A question we all need to ask is what we are really hoping God will do for us. If we became Christians because we hoped God would fix all those things mentioned above, we may end up being sorely disappointed. God did not offer Jesus so we could have some of His gifts, but so we could have Him. The question for us is He what are we hoping for? Put God in the beginning of your hope.

Tomorrow’s reading is 1 Timothy 6 and 2 Timothy 1.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, today I have to encourage you to not get cocky. Many young people see Paul’s statement to Timothy about not letting people despise their youth and start to swagger. Don’t. Paul’s point is not that your elders have a rule not to despise you for you to throw in their faces. Paul’s point is you need to live in such a way that there is nothing to despise. That means living as an example of good speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity. The way you keep your elders from despising you is not to make demands, but to grow. Keep at it and watch as your elders grow to respect you.

Photo from Graceway Media