Today’s reading is Romans 14-15.

I get it. There are some difficult aspects to Romans 14. Discussions and disagreements abound. However, I hope we can all garner at least one point from Romans 14. When we put God in the beginning of our lives, we naturally put our brothers and sisters next. They are God’s children, God’s workmanship. When we put God in the beginning, we want to protect His family, His work. That may mean making some pretty steep sacrifices to preserve the souls of our brothers and sisters. But God deserves it.

Tomorrow’s reading is Romans 16 and 1 Timothy 1.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you picked up on what I shared with your parents in today’s reading. As you grow up in our world, you will be taught a “me first” manner of life. You will be taught to do whatever makes you happy and nothing should ever get in the way of that. Paul, however, teaches something else. We don’t run our lives based on what will make us happy. We run our lives based on what will help others glorify and serve God. We don’t have to be commanded to give up things that hurt others, we want to give them up because we love our brothers and sisters more than we love anything else in this world. After all, God loves them just as He loves us.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media