Today’s reading is John 17-18.

The fact is when we put God in the beginning, we’ll become different. We are still in the world, but we will no longer be of the world. Instead, we are of God. Our foundation is God. Our worldview is through the lens of God. Our guide is God. That means way more than our Sundays are different; it means our lives are different. And people won’t like it. Be ready, the world says tolerance is the key, but they won’t tolerate the sanctified. That’s okay, because God will bless us, and that’s what matters.

Tomorrow’s reading is John 19-20.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, the principle I shared with your parents is really important. You are growing up in a world that will go out of its way to exert pressure on you to think like the world. Do not be deceived. Every tv show, every song on the radio, every magazine cover, every billboard you pass on the road is trying to get you to think and act like the world. God will not take us out of the world, but He will make us different from the world, sanctifying us by His truth. Those who long to remain in the world will not like it. Don’t be surprised when people are opposed to you in Christ. But keep hanging on to Christ because He is the way, the truth, and the life.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media