Today’s reading is John 9-10.

The hireling puts his life before that of the sheep. When the wolf comes, he drops his staff and flees in self-preservation. Who can blame him? The Good Shepherd however, sees the wolf coming and lays down His life in place of the sheep. The Good Shepherd puts the sheep before His own life. Knowing this, how could we ever do anything but put the Good Shepherd in the beginning of our lives. Praise the Lord! He is a Good Shepherd and we get to be His Sheep.

Monday’s reading is John 11-12.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, let me add to what I told your parents (I’m sure you read that too, right?). Not only does our Good Shepherd lay down His life for us, He does it willingly. No one forces Him. The Father didn’t make Him. Fate, circumstance, and destiny didn’t demand it. Our Good Shepherd looked at you and said, “That sheep is worth My life.” Hang on to the Good Shepherd. Follow Him and don’t ever let Him go no matter what any other sheep, hirelings, or supposed shepherds try to claim. The grass is not greener in any other pasture. We not only have a Good Shepherd, we have the Greatest Shepherd.

Photo by Graceway Media