Today’s reading is John 7-8.

A common outlook among folks claiming Christianity today is, “It doesn’t matter what we do as long as we give God the glory.” In one sense, that is the absolute truth. In another, nothing could be more false. Jesus explains that when we speak and do things from our own authority, we are glorifying ourselves, not God. So, when I want to give God the glory so badly that I only want to do what He has authorized, I can do whatever I want. However, I cannot do whatever pleases me, tack God’s name on it and remotely think I am giving Him the glory. Discussions about authority are not discussions about rules, they are discussions about God’s glory. Let’s have them, and let’s give God the glory. Let’s put God’s glory at the beginning of all we do.

Tomorrow’s reading is John 9-10.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you picked up on what I shared with your parents. As you grow up, you will develop all kinds of likes and dislikes. There will be activities you enjoy and others that don’t quite float your boat. The temptation we all have is to assume our favorite activities must be the ones our congregation should support, host, and participate in. Can I encourage you to take a different approach? Give God the glory by only pursuing what you can find authority for in the New Testament. Just because you enjoy an activity, doesn’t mean your congregation should host it for you. You and your congregation both need to put God’s glory first, not your pleasures.

Photo  adapted from Graceway Media