Today’s reading is Hebrews 6-7.

Why did Jesus die? In order to intercede for us with the Father. Why was Jesus resurrected? So He could always live to make intercession for us with the Father. How can we do anything other than put Jesus in the beginning of our lives when everything He has ever done whether in life, in death, or in life again has been to make intercession for us with the Father. The priests of Aaron died and could no longer make intercession, but our priest continually intercedes because He defeated death and always lives to make intercession. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow’s reading is Hebrews 8-9.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, do you remember those priests we read about in Leviticus? All those sacrifices they had to offer just in order to become priests and maintain their priesthood? Now we see why Jesus is such a better priest. He didn’t need any sacrifices Himself, therefore He was free to be the sacrifice. He is a better sacrifice, a better priest, a better mediator. He has offered better promises, a better covenant, a better destiny. No matter what, hang on to Jesus as your Priest and Savior, there is none better.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media