Today’s reading is Hebrews 2-3.

The most commonly expressed greatest fear is, of course, public speaking. Just below that is the fear of death. Of course, if your fears are wrapped up in how you are going to die, whether it is going to painful or not, I’ve got nothing for you. However, the great thing for Christians is we have nothing to fear from death or after death. Jesus died and rose again, defeating death so we do not have to fight with him. We can face him hand in hand with Jesus, carried through  to the presence of God on the other side. We can overcome any fear of death in Christ Jesus, and through that break the shackles of slavery that come from trying to overcome that fear. We are free to serve and glorify God, living life to the fullest for His glory because if death greets us at the end of the day, we know our next sight will be God in His comforting glory. Praise the Lord!

Monday’s reading is Hebrews 4-5.

A Word for our Kids

Hey kids, every house is built by someone. Do you believe that? Doesn’t that just make sense. Can you imagine seeing a house and thinking it just randomly, accidentally, and by chance happened upon that spot? Of course not. Someone put it there. It makes just as little sense to believe the world or universe with all its evidence of design randomly happened on the spot. Rather, just as every house is built by someone, the universe was built by someone as well. That someone is God. Hang on to Him no matter what others say.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media