Today’s reading is Leviticus 15-16.

Have you ever heard someone called a “scapegoat.” Usually that term applies to someone who takes the blame individually for some mistake, crime, conspiracy of a larger group of people. That term actually comes from today’s Bible reading. (For those using versions that have the strange word “Azazel,” be aware that other English translations use the word “scapegoat” instead.) The scapegoat was the goat in the Day of Atonement’s dual goat sacrifice on which the priest would confess the sins of the nation and then send the goat out into the wilderness. This represented the sins of the Israelites being taken away from them never to return so God could dwell with them without destroying them. Do you know who our scapegoat is? Jesus Christ who took our sins away from us in His death on the cross so that they will never come back so we can dwell with God for all eternity. How can we do anything but put Jesus in the beginning of our lives when He has done something so powerfully amazing for us? Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow’s reading is Leviticus 17-18.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I know all these sacrifices seem weird to us. But God had a purpose. For centuries Israel had to offer these sacrifices. But the very fact that they had to keep being offered said something. These sacrifices weren’t actually getting the job done when it comes to forgiveness. If they were getting the job done, they wouldn’t have had to be offered over and over again. Why have them then? Because they pointed to a need, a need for a real Sacrifice and true Savior. They pointed to Jesus. Every sacrifice we read about under the Old Covenant points in some way to the one sacrifice of Jesus Christ under the New. We need a Sacrifice and a Savior, praise God He provided the one that truly works in Jesus Christ. Always turn to Him.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media