Today’s reading is Leviticus 13-14.

Though these chapters are talking about literal leprosy, leprosy has long been a metaphor or parallel to sin. The ceremonial uncleanness of leprosy calls to mind the spiritual uncleanness of our sinfulness. Did you notice the lepers were to dwell outside the camp? Consider Hebrews 13:11-13 to see where Jesus can be found? Outside the camp. The Hebrew writer connects this to the issue of burning the bodies of certain sacrifices outside the camp, but we should also recognize the connection with this issue of leprosy. Jesus was willing to go outside the camp, to bear reproach in order to cleanse us, the ones leprous with sin. Let us, therefore, be willing to bear our reproach and meet Him outside the camp as we look for a heavenly city.

Tomorrow’s reading is Leviticus 15-16.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I know all of this talk of leprosy is pretty gross. But like I told your parents, God has long used the sickness of leprosy as a parallel to what sin does to us. As leprosy affects and corrupts the skin, sin affects and corrupts the spirit. Just like leprosy is gross, sin is gross. Let us never think sin is just no big deal. Let us avoid it like the plague. And when we fall, let us go outside the camp where Jesus is in order to find the only one who can cleanse us.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media