Today’s reading is Leviticus 7-8.

Did you see all that stuff Aaron and his sons had to go through just to be priests? The constant threat of death if they didn’t do it just right? Are you like me, wondering how on earth any of that ever worked? Constantly walking on egg shells that the priests might blow it all and then the people of God are left in a complete lurch because the mediator between us and God just doesn’t work? What does all of this drive home over and over again? We need a priest. We need a real priest. We need a priest who is not in constant jeopardy because of his own corrupt life. Praise the Lord for Jesus Christ, perfect High Priest and sacrifice, mediating for the people of God!

Tomorrow’s reading is Leviticus 9-10.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I know it has been tough reading seven solid chapters about nothing but sacrifice. Then going immediately into a chapter describing the sacrifices the priests had to offer so Moses could ordain them. But don’t miss the point in this. God had told Israel that He couldn’t go in their midst, otherwise He would have to destroy them. Yet at the end of Exodus He took up residence in their midst in the Tabernacle. These chapters shows what it takes to allow the holy God to dwell in the midst of unholy people. It takes sacrifice. That is why Jesus had to come. We need the Priest and we need the sacrifice so God may dwell with us and in us. Praise the Lord for Jesus Christ!

Photo adapted from Graceway Media