Today’s reading is Leviticus 5-6.

“But if he cannot afford a lamb…” Think about that. What was a person to do if they couldn’t afford the sacrifice necessary to atone for their sin? God had a plan. If they couldn’t afford a lamb, they could buy turtledoves or pigeons. God really wanted to make sure forgiveness was in everyone’s reach. But what about us? Can we afford our sacrifice? Absolutely not. But God had a plan. He paid for the sacrifice that none of us could afford, and He paid it with the blood of His Son. He really wants forgiveness in everyone’s reach. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow’s reading is Leviticus 7-8

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you picked up on what I shared with your parents. God really wants to forgive people. He has gone out of His way to put forgiveness within the reach of all people. Our world likes to act as if God is mean for judging and condemning sin. They will say all kinds of awful things about God. But they miss this very important point. He has put forgiveness within the reach of every person. If someone is judged and condemned for their sins, it is not because God is mean, but because the person rejected the very kindness of God. Remember that and turn to God for forgiveness.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media