Today’s reading is Leviticus 1-2.

Don’t forget how Exodus ended. Israel has finally completed the Tabernacle, the sanctuary of God, and God took up residence. The glory of the Lord filled the Tabernacle with cloud and fire. The next thing we read is sacrifice. Seven chapters of sacrifice. That is what it takes for the Lord to dwell with His people: sacrifice. That is what it takes for the Lord to dwell with us. But for us it wasn’t the sacrifice of animals that we kill, it is the sacrifice of His Son that He willingly offered. Wow! God wants to dwell with you something amazing. Rest in that knowledge and rely on that same God today.

Tomorrow’s reading is Leviticus 1-2.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I know, I know. Leviticus, especially these first chapters, is really difficult to read. All this description of sacrifices gets confusing and hard to follow. Then there are the lists and lists of rules and laws. But hang in there. There really are some great things to learn in this book. We see God, our Savior, His covenant, and even metaphors of God’s people that will help us serve Him. We never said learning the mind of God was going to be easy and always entertaining. Do the hard work of digging through Leviticus it will be worth it.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media