Today’s reading is Matthew 27-28.

Why would we ever want to put God in the beginning? Go reread our two chapters for today. Jesus, God in the flesh, put us in the beginning. Instead of staying on the throne of heaven, instead of avoiding pain and anguish, instead of preserving His own rights and desires, He came to earth, went to the cross, and was cut off from the Father for us. He put us first. How can we do anything but return the favor? Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow’s reading is Galatians 1-2.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, on the one hand, I’m glad you are already learning about the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, I’m leery of you learning it so early. I would hate for this event to become old hat to you before you really need to know about it. Don’t let that happen. This is the central event of all human history. It really is the central event  for your life. Hang on to it. One day, when you realize how much you need this sacrifice, let it amaze you. Turn to it and let it save you. Don’t forget this.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media