Today’s reading is Matthew 25-26.

If there is one lesson to learn from the story of the 10 virgins awaiting the bridegroom, it is simply this. Put God in the beginning, because there won’t be time in the end. Where is God in your life today?

Tomorrow’s reading is Matthew 27-28.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you picked up on the parable of the talents. I once heard someone make a statement that I believe sums up nicely the message of that story. “It’s not what you would do if a million were your lot. It’s what you are doing with the dollar and quarter you’ve got.” Quit waiting around for a bunch, thinking you can’t serve the Lord until you have a lot more. Start serving Him now with even the little you have. You may be surprised to find out what God will trust you with if you start now.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media