Today’s reading is Matthew 19-20.

The mother of James and John asked that Jesus let her boys be on His right hand and on his left in His kingdom. What a special place of prominence and impact that would be. But this request set the other apostles in a stir against the two sons of Zebedee. Jesus explained everyone involved in that discussion had the wrong attitude. They were all focused on who would have most prominence, who would be first. Jesus highlights that rather than spending our time trying to be in the beginning of anyone else’s life, we should focus on putting others in the beginning of ours. Well, of course, we know they should come after God, but then again, maybe that is a distinction without a difference. If I love and serve God, I will love and serve His other children and vice versa. Who is coming first in your life?

Monday’s reading is Matthew 21-22.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, did you see the arguing James and John caused among the disciples? That same kind of thing can happen among siblings and friends. Rather than being happy to be in a great relationship with friends and siblings, we sometimes want to compete for the preeminent spot in the relationship. We’re glad to have these siblings as long as they realize Mom and Dad love us more. We’re glad to have these friends as long as they realize we are the most important in the group. Don’t get into those traps. Love and serve, and just be glad God has given you people whom you can love and who love you. If they get first chair in the relationship, so what? Of course, you can only accomplish this if you actually give Jesus first chair in the relationship. Then you are much more likely to have a great relationship with your siblings and friends.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media