Today’s reading is Matthew 13-14.

What a contrast! At the end of Matthew 13, the folks of Nazareth experienced no mighty work or power because of their unbelief. But at the end of Matthew 14, Peter walks on water because of his belief. Oh, I know Peter struggled with his faith and sank. But because he put his faith in Jesus, he walked on water…twice. This makes me wonder. How many of God’s great works in my life do I miss out on because I don’t believe He can and will? I can be like the Nazarenes or I can be like Peter. I can experience nothing, or I can put my faith in Jesus and walk on water. Wow!

Tomorrow’s reading is Matthew 15-16.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, what was Peter thinking? “If it is you, command me to come to you on the water”? Really? Peter can’t walk on water. Then Jesus commands him. I wonder what went through is mind at that moment? “Oh no, what have I done?” Please don’t make the mistake of thinking Peter must have had the ability to walk on water because Jesus commanded him to. Not so. Rather, Peter believed if Jesus commanded him, Jesus Himself would give Peter the power to walk on water. Remember that. Whatever God commands, He will provide the power to fulfill. Your faith must not be in you and your ability, but in Him and His power.

Photo by Graceway Media