Today’s reading is Matthew 9-10.

The two blind men cried out for mercy. Jesus’s response was, “Do you believe I’m able to do this?”  They believed and were healed. Think about our cries for mercy. Do we believe Jesus can forgive? Do we believe Jesus can restore, strengthen, confirm, and establish us? Do we believe He can conform us to His very image? Do we believe He can grow us as disciples? Do we really believe He can do that, or are we hindered by our own belief that we can’t? Let these two blind men lead you to greater faith in Jesus and His ability to have mercy upon you today.

Monday’s reading is Matthew 11-12.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, a paralytic, two blind men, a demon-possessed mute man, a woman with an issue of blood, and a little girl who was dead. What do they all have in common? Jesus healed them in today’s reading. We can say nothing greater than what a Savior! Doesn’t that make it all the more powerful when Jesus responds to His critics by claiming He came to “heal the sick” and then relates that to calling sinners? If Jesus could heal all those sicknesses, he can heal our sins, just like He healed the paralytic’s sins before healing his legs. Wow! Praise the Lord!

Photo from Graceway Media