Today’s reading is Matthew 5-6.

“You have heard that it was said…but I say to you…” Six times, Jesus says something like this in the first half of the Sermon on the Mount. And I get one really big lesson from this. You simply can’t trust everything you hear. Instead, you need to go back to the source. You need to go back to God and His Word. Just because someone wrote it on the internet, got it published in a book, or said it on the TV or radio doesn’t make it so. But when God says it in His Word, you can take it to the bank. Put God and His Word at the beginning of your faith.

Tomorrow’s reading is Matthew 7-8.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you picked up on what I shared with your parents. You are going to hear a lot of things as you grow up. Then you’ll hear someone else say the exact opposite thing. You’ll hear preachers and professors say things. I’m not saying ignore what all these people say. Jesus simply demonstrates that we need to hook our anchor into what He says in His Word above and before all else. That is the good foundation.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media