Today’s reading is Matthew 3-4.

How did Jesus overcome temptation? By putting God in the beginning. Put physical needs and pleasures above spiritual pursuits? Nope: God comes first. Demand God put His money where His mouth is? Nope: Faith and trust in God comes first. Gain the kingdoms of the world without going through the pain and suffering of incarnation and crucifixion? Nope: worshiping God comes first. Let’s fight this battle against temptation and sin by putting God first in all we are and do.

Tomorrow’s reading is Matthew 5-6.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, did you see Jesus defeat the devil? Let’s learn a few lessons from this. First, you are not the only one who gets tempted. Even Jesus was tempted. Being tempted is not the same as sinning. Jesus was tempted, but He never sinned. If you want to overcome temptation and defeat sin, you must put God in the beginning of who you are and what you do. Jesus answered every temptation with God’s Word based on faith in God’s presence. Remember, God is with you. Turn to Him to overcome sin and have victory.

Photo from Graceway Media