Today’s reading is Exodus 39-40.

Regrettably, for too long I thought the climax of Exodus was the victory at the Red Sea. The victory at the Red Sea, however, was merely one step leading to the true climax of the book found in the last five verses. This entire book has been looking at a group of people who were in captivity and wondering if Yahweh would actually dwell with them. He wouldn’t in Egypt because of the competition of the false gods. Israel nearly botched it at Mt. Sinai with the golden calf. Would God really be among this sinful, testing people, even if they build this sanctuary? In the last five verses, the answer is found: YES! His glory fills the Tabernacle; He is willing to dwell with them, to travel with them. And that is the climax for us as well. Our God is willing to dwell among us by the blood of Jesus. Praise the Lord!

Monday’s reading is Matthew 1-2.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you caught what I shared with your parents. How amazing it is that God is willing to dwell with His people. All along the way, Israel tested God, sinned, rebelled. Despite that, He took up His covenant and dwelt among His people. Of course, none of this is intended to give us permission to test God, sin, or rebel. The point is when we have done these things, we can turn back to Him. We can repent, we can seek His forgiveness. He will give it. Praise the Lord! Remember, the most important thing in all our lives is whether or not God is with us. It was that way for Israel, it is that way for us.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media