Today’s reading is Exodus 35-36.

Did you catch that earrings and jewelry are back on the playing field? This time instead of being used for idolatry, they are being used to fund the Tabernacle and its furnishings. It is another confirmation that one man’s God is another man’s gift. Of course, in this case, the same people were on both sides. At one time when their perspective was skewed by fear, the other when it was grounded by faith. But it just goes to show that the issue with idolatry is more about our hearts than about the things we idolize. We can make gods out of just about anything. Instead, let us learn to enjoy these blessings as gifts from God, using them to bring God glory.

Tomorrow’s reading is Exodus 37-38.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, did you see again how God honed in on skilled craftsmen to be used to make the Tabernacle? Think of this as you grow up. You are going to develop skills. You will, no doubt, use those skills to pursue a career and provide for your family. But never forget the real reason God allows you your skills is to serve and glorify Him. Whatever your hand finds to do as you grow up, do it with all your might. But make sure you also do it to honor God. That is what disciples do.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media