Today’s reading is Exodus 33-34.

When Moses spent time with God, he was changed. His face shone in a manner that frightened the Israelites. Of course, we should not expect to go through this kind of physical transfiguration, but I have to ask the question. Does my face shine? Am I changed because I’m spending time with God. Would anyone else notice? I don’t ask this to induce guilt, but simply to provoke some introspection. Does your face shine?

Tomorrow’s reading is Exodus 35-36.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, did you see that after the Golden Calf incident, Israel not only got rid of the calf, but God also had them get rid of their ornaments. After all, it had been their jewelry they used to make the idols. This is not, of course, a prohibition for all jewelry of all time. There are other passages in which God allows and even offers jewelry. But this is another reminder that in our fight against  sin, we need to not only get rid of the sin, but cut off whatever leads us to sin as well. Temptation is cunning, baffling, and powerful, don’t play around with it. Cut it off as much as you can.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media