Today’s reading is Exodus 15-16.

Israel had been delivered. God was certainly going to bring them into His Promised Land. But then…three days in the wilderness with no water. When they finally found water, it was bitter and couldn’t be drunk. The people complain  bitterly, Moses calls on God, and God provides the means to heal the water, making it fresh and drinkable. What was the lesson in this? Water wouldn’t heal them; only Yahweh could do that. He declared His name in that event as Yahweh-Rophe: The LORD who heals. That is the God we serve, the God who alone heals. Let us listen to His prescription.

Tomorrow’s reading is Exodus 17-18.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, learn from Israel that walking with God doesn’t mean everything is always easy. The path to God’s Promise is not a walk through a rose garden. There are hardships and struggles along the way. What walking with God means is He will always be with us, guide us, and provide the way through the struggle. Keep your faith in Him while in the wilderness because He is the only one who will get you to the Promise.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media