Today’s reading is Exodus 13-14.

For the rest of Israel’s existence, God will warn them not to put their trust in horses and chariots, neither to fear the horses and chariots of their enemies. And in this moment, in their birth as a nation, we see why they need not fear them and why they must not trust in them. Israel did nothing but walk, but Yahweh their God fought for them. He destroyed the horses and chariots while Israel watched. What a defining moment. May we learn not to trust in horses and chariots (whatever form they may take for us today). Rather, let us trust in God. Let us simply do what He tells us, knowing that He will fight our battles and destroy our pursuers, our attackers, our enemies. Praise Yahweh!

Today’s reading is Exodus 15-16.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, many people will try to deny the miraculous power of God, acting as if these accounts in Scripture can be explained away by natural events. Once, a supposed Bible teacher who had been indoctrinated in these kinds of naturalistic explanations was trying to teach some first graders that this crossing of the Red Sea was really not a great miracle but simply a natural event. He explained, “There is a place where the supposed Red Sea is only one foot deep. So, you see, the Israelites could have easily crossed.” At that point one of his first graders began to loudly proclaim, “Wow! What a miracle! This is a amazing! God is so powerful!” The teacher asked, “What are you talking about? Didn’t you just hear what I said? There was no miracle here.” To which the boy replied, “Wow! God drowned that whole Egyptian army in just one foot of water. AMAZING!!!” No matter how you cut it, the events described in the Bible are amazing beyond belief. What a great and powerful God we serve.

Photo from Graceway Media