Today’s reading is Exodus 9-10.

As you’ve read through the plagues, have you noticed that as of yet, Moses has not ever actually asked Pharaoh to let the Israelites go from bondage to their own land? He has actually only asked to be allowed to go on a journey to worship the God of Israel properly. Even in Exodus 10, Moses and Pharaoh are bartering, but Pharaoh is clearly under the impression that all that is being asked is to go for a trip to worship and come back (though he does seem to think the Israelites will flee if he allows that). What does all of this drive home? When God delivered Israel from Egyptian bondage, He did so in order that Israel might worship Him properly. He did not deliver them so they could get to the Promised Land and live in whatever manner suited them, but so they might serve, worship, honor, and glorify Him. Let us remember that when we consider why God has delivered us from our captor. God is seeking worshipers; let us answer the call to worship Him.

Monday’s reading is Exodus 11-12.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, remember what we said yesterday about this battle of the gods? Notice the 9th plague of darkness. If there is one part of the creation that cultures have seen as a god, it is the sun. Since so much of life and vegetation clearly are connected to sunlight, numerous cultures have worshiped the sun as divine. Yet, our God created the sun. Not only did our God create the sun, our God controls the sun. Our God can blot the sun out when He desires. The gods of the Egyptians (or anyone else for that matter) are no match for Yahweh, our God. Praise the Lord!

Photo from Graceway Media