Today’s reading is Exodus 3-4.

When God called Moses at the burning bush, his first question was, “Who am I?” God’s response was, “You’re the one that I am with.” Moses’s second question was essentially, “But who are You?” God’s response was, “I AM the One who is with you.” The third question was, “What if no one believes You are with me?” Gods’s response was, “I’ll prove it to them.” Of course, Moses still objected and God eventually provided Aaron as helper, but in the end the One who was with Moses brought Israel out of Egypt with power and might. The 10 plagues, the crossing of the Red Sea, the fire and thunder on Mt. Sinai all demonstrate what it means to have the power of His presence. What do we learn? If God is with us, we are unstoppable. So hang on to God no matter what.

Tomorrow’s reading is Exodus 5-6.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, if we are not careful we can view all the people in the Bible accounts through rose-colored glasses, seeing them as some kind of perfect super-saints. We feel like we could never grow to be like them. But look at Moses here. He is no super-saint. He is scared and practically pathetic. He simply cannot imagine how God could possibly use him to do anything great. But, in fact, God does use Moses for something great. Hang on to this as you grow up. No matter who you are, God can use you for great things, so make yourself available to  Him for His use and let Him decide what He will accomplish through you.

Photo by Graceway Media