Today’s reading is Exodus 1-2.

According to Ezekiel 23:8, 19, 26, Israel went into idolatry while in Egypt. That is likely the primary reason they ended up enslaved while there. Why then does Exodus say it was about the Pharaoh instead of mentioning this? Because the author’s purpose in Exodus is to contrast this new Pharaoh with the old Pharaoh. Do you remember the Pharaoh who blessed Joseph, Jacob, and their entire family? As God had promised Abraham, that Pharaoh was blessed. Watch what happens to this Pharaoh. He curses Israel, and to the degree the former Pharaoh was blessed, this one is cursed. The message for us: God keeps His promises. What a great God we serve. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow’s reading is Exodus 3-4.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, you may have heard the story of Moses before. You may already know that he ends up being the one through whom God delivers Israel. You may already be aware he becomes a great leader of God’s people. I hope you noticed where he started. A failed upstart who fled his home in fear. Why? Because when we try things on our own, we fail. When we go with God, we succeed. Remember that as you grow up. God and His grace are the difference between failure and success.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media