Today’s reading is Genesis 39-40.

Why did Joseph flee Potiphar’s wife? Was it because he wasn’t tempted and wasn’t impacted at all by her advances? If he wasn’t impacted by her advances, he would have had no need to flee. Rather, what this woman was offering was tempting. He knew exactly where it would end if he stayed. But what he knew most is it would go against his God. “How then can I do this wickedness and sin against God?” I fall to temptation when I put myself, my wants, my pleasures first. I flee and win the victory when I put God in the beginning of my battles against temptation and sin. Today, let’s put God in the beginning of our battles and flee temptation.

Monday’s reading is Genesis 41-42.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, learn from Joseph. Things didn’t go his way. Every step he made, even when he obeyed God, seemed to get him in worse trouble. But what did he do anyway? He obeyed God. Why? Because God deserves it. Hang on to that. Hang on to God. Serve Him faithfully no matter what.

Photo by Graceway Media