Today’s reading is Genesis 37-38.

We have a tendency to think the lives of the faithful should be easy, leisurely, and comfortable at all times. However, account after account demonstrates that isn’t the case. Joseph was faithful, but he went into the pit. In fact, even Jesus went into the pit. As both came out on the other side, victors, we can look forward to that as well. But don’t be surprised by the pits. They happen. They happen to even the faithful. They happen to everybody. Hang on to God, He will deliver from the pit. He is the only one.

Tomorrow’s reading is Genesis 39-40.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, there are some great lessons we can learn about relationships with our siblings from the story of Joseph and his brothers. First, don’t brag and vaunt yourself up. Second, don’t expect your parents to play favorites. Third, no matter what, don’t sell your sibling into slavery. That third almost sounds like a joke, but that is exactly what Joseph’s brothers did. Sibling relationships are hard. There is rivalry and jealousy and competition. Overcome that and love your brothers and sisters. God will redeem this mess for Joseph and his brothers, but it will still cause a lot of terrible, terrible turmoil in that family before God uses it for good. Hang on to God and love your family.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media