Today’s reading is Genesis 33-34.

While I have no doubt God played a part in Jacob’s welcome reception from Esau, I still can’t help having a nagging feeling about Esau’s response. When Jacob fled, Esau was furious. Having lost his birthright and blessing, he felt like there was no room for him and nothing  good would come his way. Is he happy now because he is trusting God? I don’t think so. “I have enough,” he says. In other words, “I don’t need any of your gifts that came from God, Jacob. I have enough. I don’t need anything else.”  Esau has let bygones be bygones because in the end, he didn’t need that birthright or blessing after all. Again, we see the difference between Esau and Jacob. Esau despises God’s gifts, but Jacob desires them, delights in them, and won’t stop pursuing them. Be Jacob.

Tomorrow’s reading is Genesis 35-36.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you noticed this. Jacob prayed and Jacob planned. He hung on to God through the wrestling match of his life because he believed the blessing from God was worth it. Then when he got into the land, God provided a place for him just as He had promised. No matter what is coming, hang on to God’s promises. No matter what it looks like in the moment, He always comes through in the end.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media