Today’s reading is Genesis 31-32.

Jacob is heading home. He hears his brother is coming out to meet him with 400 of his closest friends. Jacob is obviously scared so he plans and he prays. He reminds God of His promises and thanks God for His blessings. Then in response to his prayer, instead of God parting the waters of the creek and letting Jacob cross, He attacks. Just at the moment when you might expect God to make things easier for Jacob, He becomes an obstacle. But Jacob wants the blessing so much, he hangs on no matter what. Sometimes it will feel like God is the obstacle, that we are wrestling with God. Don’t abandon God when this happens, hang on to Him. I assure you, His blessing is worth it.

Tomorrow’s reading is Genesis 33-34.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, have you seen what God has done for Jacob? Even though He had to teach Jacob quite a few lessons, He has brought Jacob from a lone traveler to the father of two camps.  He has a large family, great possessions, and is heading home. At the end of today’s reading, he’s a little worried. However, I promise you, God is going to be with him and keep His promises. Let this be an encouragement to you. Stick with God no matter what. Love Him and long for His blessing. It is always worth it.

Photo from Graceway Media