Today’s reading is Genesis 27-28.

I confess Genesis 28:20-22 blew open the meaning and purpose of Genesis for me. Jacob, whose name will be changed to Israel in a few chapters, is fleeing from the Promised Land because his life is in danger. God promises to be with him and bring him back to the land. Then Jacob makes a commitment. “If you go with me, keep me, give me food and clothes, and bring me back into this land, I’ll build you a house and give you a tenth.” Hmmm. Who does that sound like? According to Deuteronomy 8:3-4, God was with Israel, the nation, keeping them, giving them food to eat, providing clothes to wear, and now He is bringing them into the land of their fathers. The message for Israel is clear, “God was with our father, Israel; He is with our nation, Israel. Go take the land, put His house there, give Him a tenth.” Every bit of Genesis is a message to Israel of their coming victory if they will simply rely on the God who cared for their fathers and delivered them from Egypt. The message for us is similar: Put God in the beginning and He’ll provide the victory.

Tomorrow’s reading is Genesis 29-30.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, Jacob’s lying and deception were a problem. Oh, I know on the one hand it seems like Jacob just got away with it and may tempt us to think lying is worth it sometimes. However, God is about to send Jacob on a years long journey of lessons. Watch over the next few chapters as Jacob gets deceived and the hardship it causes him. Yes, God was with Jacob and blesses Him eventually, but not without first teaching him the truth about lying. It is good that Jacob valued the birthright and blessing so much, and we should pursue God’s blessing with everything we’ve got. However, let us learn from Jacob’s messy life that honesty is the best policy.

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