Today’s reading is Genesis 25-26.

I don’t believe what Jacob did in swindling Esau out of the birthright was right. However, we begin to see a big difference between Jacob and Esau right here. Jacob saw value in the birthright, but Esau despised it. What a difference. God is going to have to take Jacob on a spiritual journey to make him the proper kind of instrument God can use for His purposes. He is going to have to discipline out of Jacob the swindling deception. But the clay that makes Jacob mold-able is this value on the birthright (and later the blessing). Esau was too ready to give it up, but Jacob won’t let go of it  for anything. Don’t turn to sin to get the birthright and the blessing, but do pursue it with everything you can muster. Put God and His blessing at the beginning, and watch God bless you.

Tomorrow’s reading is Genesis 27-28.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, did you see the mistake Isaac made? It was the exact same one as his father made twice: when he got around the “pagans,” he denied Rebekah was his wife.  While we probably think it is natural for Isaac to learn this behavior from his father, do you think Abraham wanted Isaac to make the same mistake he did? I can assure you he didn’t. Your parents are going to make mistakes and commit sins. However, I promise you, once they have learned from those sins, they hope you will learn from theirs sins instead of committing those sins yourself and having to learn the lessons the hard way just like they did. Sure, it is bad when parents says, “Do as I say, not as I do,” but sometimes the parent isn’t being a hypocrite. Rather, the parent is trying to be a protector. Having gone through the pain and anguish caused by their sin, they would protect you. Listen to them when they teach you against sin, even if they committed the same sin, because they know why you need to avoid it, and they are praying you will.

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