Today’s reading is Genesis 23-24.

Abraham’s servant was afraid Abraham’s plan wouldn’t work, but Abraham assured him, “He will send His angel before you.” The plan worked out. What was the lesson for the wilderness wandering Jews? Consider Exodus 23:20; 32:24; 33:2. God had told Israel He would send His angel before them into the Promised Land, therefore they could be assured of victory. Then they heard the story of the Promise to Abraham being fulfilled because the angel of the Lord went before Abraham’s servant. Victory for them was assured. Not to mention the blessing Rebekah’s family gave her that her descendants would be thousands of ten thousands and possess the gates of their enemies. What’s the message for us? When we are pursuing God’s way, His angels go before us providing victory, not necessarily an easy life, but victory nonetheless. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow’s reading is Genesis 25-26.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, why didn’t Abraham want Isaac to marry any of the daughters of the land? And why didn’t he want Isaac to go back to where their family came from? Because he wanted Isaac to stay faithful to the Lord and His promise. Marrying daughters of the land would lead him after the gods of the land. Going back to his family would lead him away from God’s promise to him. Keep that in mind as you grow up. Connect yourself to people and places that will help you stay true to the Lord. Never underestimate the pull of the unfaithful on your life. Stay with God, with God’s people, in places where God is.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media