Today’s reading is Genesis 21-22.

As a father, the account of Abraham’s near sacrifice of Isaac scares me. What if God asked me to sacrifice my son? Would I? All through the account, I wonder, “Is Abraham going to go through with it?” “Is God really going to require this?” And then, in the last possible second, Abraham’s knife-filled hand is lifted up, poised to strike, and the moment of truth comes. “No, Abraham, you don’t have to sacrifice your son.” And in that moment, I see Jesus on the cross and realize what God has really been saying all along: “You don’t have to sacrifice your son, because I have to sacrifice Mine.” A sacrifice needed to take place, but neither Abraham’s son, nor my father’s son, nor my son can be that sacrifice. God’s Son had to die. How can I not love Him?

Daily Challenge: We often complain about what God has asked us to sacrifice. Today, be in awe of what God hasn’t asked us to sacrifice because of what He did sacrifice.

Tomorrow’s reading is Genesis 23-24.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, here it is. The great victory for Abraham. I’m not saying he never had any other struggles with faith, but we see this is what God has been growing Abraham to see and do. All along he struggled with the faith that he would even have a son with Sarah. Now he has one and God tells Abraham to sacrifice him. What?! How can he possibly have a nation descended from him through this child if God asks for him to be sacrificed? Abraham had learned God can bring life from death. If God says a nation will come from this boy, then it will even if Isaac is sacrificed. Hang on to God, your faith will grow, you will be victorious like Abraham because of the God in whom you believe.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media