Today’s reading is Genesis 19-20.

What a magnificent lesson Lot’s wife was for the wilderness wandering Israelites. By the grace and mercy of God, they had been delivered from the judgment of God on Egypt in the plagues and at the Red Sea. Yet, again and again and again, when times got a little rough for them, they looked back to Egypt, wishing they could return, wondering why God ever brought them out, threatening to set up a new leader who will take them back to Egypt. Lot’s wife was a reminder to them–Don’t look back. She is a reminder to us as well. We have been delivered from the world, Satan, and sin. But every once in a while, when the going gets tough, the world doesn’t look so bad. We look back with longing for what used to be, having forgotten how bad it really was. Remember Lot’s wife. Don’t look back to the world; look forward to God.

Daily Challenge: What bridges to sin and the world do you need to burn today so you won’t keep looking back?

Monday’s reading is Genesis 21-22.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, there it is again. Abraham struggling with his faith. God had already told him he was going to have a child in the next year, but he’s worried that Abimelech might kill him so he doesn’t tell the whole truth about his wife, Sarah. But what does God do? Protects Abraham. This, of course, is not permission for weak faith and lying. However, it is a reminder that our confidence must be in God, not ourselves. Even if you have struggles in faith, hang on to God. He is our protector and refuge.

Photo by Graceway Media