Today’s reading is Genesis 17-18.

How many times have I heard, and regrettably asked, based on the account of Abraham’s barter with God over Sodom and Gomorrah, “If God were counting the righteous people in this city, would He destroy it?” I recognize now that misses the whole point of the account for us. If God were holding off destroying my city or the world based on how many righteous people He could find, destruction would have happened long ago. Romans 3:10 makes it clear; He wouldn’t find even one. No, God is holding off on destruction not because He sees enough righteous people in the world. He is holding off on destruction because He sees the One Righteous who sacrificed Himself for us. He is holding off because He is patient, allowing more of us the opportunity to see and turn to the One Righteous, namely Jesus. Have you put the God of Righteousness who was sacrificed for you in the beginning of all you are and do? Do so today.

Daily Challenge: What would your life look like today if the Righteous One who was sacrificed for you took first place in your day and in your life?

Tomorrow’s reading is Genesis 19-20.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you are still keeping your eyes on Abram, who has now been named Abraham. Sure, he struggled at times, but he hung on to God and onto God’s promises no matter what. In today’s reading, he is 99 years old. He and Sarah still haven’t had a child, but he is still hanging on to God’s promises. He is hanging on to his relationship with God so much, he even has the confidence to interact with him about Sodom and Gomorrah. What an amazing faith he had. Put God in the beginning of your life right now, it will be much easier to do later when you finally realize how much you truly need Him.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media