Today’s reading is Genesis 15-16.

Of course, this account of the covenant between Abraham and God is a powerful reminder for us. But think about those wilderness wandering Jews who were having this read to them for the first time. They were hearing the promise as it was given to Abraham, but they had just lived the fulfillment of part of it. They had witnessed God bring judgment on Egypt, and they had come out with great possessions. All that was left was for them to receive the rest of the Promise by going in and taking the land. The message to Israel is that they weren’t going to get the Promised Land because they were so amazing. They were going to get it because the God who keeps His promises said they would. What a great God we are putting in the beginning, a God who promises and keeps it. Praise the Lord!

Daily Challenge: What promise from God do you need to remember today?

Tomorrow’s reading is Genesis 17-18.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I told you Abram had some struggles with his faith. Today we see some of them. God had said Abram would have many descendants, but up to this point, he didn’t have even one and he was in his eighties. So God renewed His covenant and His promise and Abraham grew in faith. Being God’s child doesn’t mean living a doubtless life. It does mean living by God’s promises and covenant even through the doubts. Hang on to God no matter what. The best is yet to come for Abram and for you.

Photo by Graceway Media