Today’s reading is Genesis 13-14.

Why did Moses include this account of Abram with 318 trained men defeating the armies of 5 kings? Sure, it is a great story that shows Abram’s strength, but perhaps there is more to it than that. Remember, the first hearers of this book were the wilderness wandering Jews whose parents had refused to go into the land because they simply couldn’t fathom winning the battle. Moses was preparing this second generation for their battles with many kings. What did He show? God wins against mighty kings even when using small forces. If God would bless Abram in order to conquer this coalition of kings, Israel can trust God to bless them to conquer whatever coalition of kings they face. The message for us? God is still the conqueror, and if we follow Him, we will always be more than conquerors.

Today’s Challenge: Just for today, what battle do you need to face today putting your faith in God to win the victory?

Tomorrow’s reading is Genesis 15-16.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, yesterday I asked you to pay attention to Abram (who becomes Abraham). Did you see his faith today? With 318 men, he attacked a coalition of 5 kings. Why? Because of faith in God. When the King of Sodom wanted to give Abram some kind of bounty for the victory, Abram refused because he wanted it to be clear that all his blessings came from God. Always remember, the only way to win the victory is by the power of God. Hang on to Him no matter what.

Photo by Graceway Media