Today’s reading is Genesis 7-8.

Does this sound familiar? The Spirit/wind hovering over the waters, the waters being separated, the waters recede from the land, birds are in the sky, creeping things and beasts roam on the earth, man is on the earth, God tells man to be fruitful and multiply. Wait a minute! Is this Genesis 8 or Genesis 1? Exactly. When God baptized the earth with the flood, He not only killed the sin on it, He recreated it and brought new life to it. God created the earth through water, He recreated the earth through water. No wonder today He recreates us through water in baptism, putting to death our sin and raising us to walk in new life. Put God at the beginning of your walk with Him by participating in the ages old story of rebirth and recreation through water. Have you been reborn through water?

Tomorrow’s reading is Genesis 9-10.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, the flood: what a story. It is nothing like what you’ve been led to believe by nursery class murals. It wasn’t a happy time with smiling animals leaning off of a cramped boat. It was a devastation due to sin. The lone survivors were Noah and his family because they surrendered to the grace of the Lord when He told them about the plans for the Ark. While the world spent their weekends partying, Noah and his sons spent theirs making a great, big boat. Noah could have been upset about how this boat was crimping his lifestyle and ruining his fun, or he could rejoice in the grace of God. The same is true for us today. We can either be upset at God for the plans He has for us, or we can be amazed at the grace He has bestowed by showing us the way. Which will you choose?

Photo adapted from Graceway Media