Today’s reading is Genesis 3-4.

What happens when God isn’t put in the beginning? The world gets turned upside down and man falls. In God’s good world, God created Adam, Eve came from Adam to be his helper, and the animals were to be in subjection to them. But then God’s world got turned upside down. The serpent wasn’t in subjection but led Eve, who didn’t help Adam but directed him, who did not submit to His creator but ignored God. The garden was lost, the way to the tree of life cut off from man, and sin spread like wildfire to all people through Adam and then to Cain and then to all. Put God in the beginning and keep His world turned right side up.

Tomorrow’s reading is Genesis 5-6.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, isn’t the account of Cain and Abel one of the saddest things you’ve ever heard? We, of course, would never do anything like that. But do we sometimes fight with our siblings. Do we sometimes get so mad at them that we wish they would just leave (and maybe never come back)? Okay, I admit that is not quite the same as killing our siblings. But it isn’t quite the same as loving and caring for them either, is it? Cain asked, “Am I my ¬†brother’s keeper?” Yes. Care for, protect, keep your siblings. Put God first in your relationship with your brothers and sisters.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media