Today’s reading is Genesis 1-2.

Because of our modern scientific debates on origins, we miss the point God was making to His original audience in today’s Bible reading. I’m sure there are scientific conclusions we can draw from the Genesis account of creation, but that was not the original point of the story. The Hebrews in Moses’s day had not been brought up hearing and were not thinking about scientific theories of origins, they had heard and were thinking about war. The tales of creation in the cultures surrounding Israel’s beginning from Abraham were all tales of battle among gods that produced the world. There was Chaos versus Order, Darkness versus Light, Earth versus Sky, Land versus Water, and Deity versus Deity. Genesis 1 sweeps all that aside and says, “In the beginning, God…” The message for Israel was clear. Our God reigns; our God wins! He has done so from the beginning and He will do so to the end. Praise be to our God!

Tomorrow’s reading is Genesis 3-4.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, before there was anything we can see, taste, and touch, there was God. That is hard for our little minds to fathom. You may be asking where God came from. While that seems to be the right question to ask, it actually leads us in the wrong direction. That question treats God as if He is like us. We had to come from somewhere, had to have parents, had to have a beginning. But that is what makes God so different from us, what makes Him holy. He is completely unlike us and did not have to have a beginning or parents. As hard as that is for our limited, earth-bound, created minds to fathom, it is what makes God so awesome. Hang on to Him!

Photo by Graceway Media